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Listed Building Carpenter in Guildford and the Surrounding Areas | Full Restoration Services by Bespoke Carpenters

At iwoodcreate, our experienced listed building carpenters are skilled at restoring all types of listed and heritage buildings. Our team have over 60 years of experience completing high-quality carpentry work and seamlessly restoring listed builds. We take the time to fully understand the building that we are working on so our team can carefully and expertly restore older buildings in Guildford or the surrounding areas.

Experts in a variety of carpentry services, including woodturning and bespoke designs, we invite you to view our website gallery for images of our works to date.


Listed Buildings Explained

In the UK, listed buildings are designated as follows:

  • Grade I – Buildings of Exceptional National, Architectural, or Historic Importance

  • Grade II* - Buildings of Particular National Importance and Special Interest 

  • Grade II – Buildings of Special Interest

The majority of graded properties in the UK are categorised as Grade II. They’re not only houses, however. They include public buildings, commercial premises, war memorials, and other unique structures.

All of the carpentry work we complete for listed buildings is done by hand to ensure our bespoke carpenters can carefully complete all restorations as precisely as possible. We always take great care to keep as much of the original design as we can so that buildings keep their history, authenticity, and integrity.  

We are accomplished at working within tight listed building restrictions so clients can have peace of mind knowing that all of the high-quality work we undertake is completely covered and safe. Our listed building carpenters can even safely restore oak framework.

an old sign after restoration
an old sign

Examples of the restoration work iwoodcreate conducts in Guildford and the surrounding areas we cover include:

  • Interior Timber Repair

  • Lime Plaster Restoration

  • Roof Timber Replacement

  • Rotting Timber Replacement

  • Staircase Repair

  • Timber Window Repair

  • Wood Matching Services

  • Woodworm Treatment

All repairs and restorative work is checked to ensure the installations are safe, as well as beautiful once more. Treating the lime plaster in older ensures the walls are breathable and free from moisture damage. Where rotting timbers are discovered, we will strip back the area in question and replace all the contaminated features with materials as close to the original structure as possible. 

We are experienced at flawlessly replicating the existing design of listed and heritage buildings. Our bespoke carpenters pride themselves on sourcing materials to perfectly match the original building. This is so we can leave the property looking as close to the initial design as possible. We are highly regarded for our attention to detail and the extra lengths we go to in order to secure that perfect finish. 

The accomplished listed building carpenters at iwoodcreate are happy to advise clients on the work to be undertaken for their listed or heritage buildings in Guildford or the surrounding areas. Our team also completes a wide range of carpentry services, including crafting bespoke furniture, to fulfil each client’s requirements for their property.

an ancient door revampeda candlestick
For listed building carpenters completing full restorations in Guildford and the surrounding areas, please call iwoodcreate on 07585 441274 today.