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Bespoke Furniture in Guildford | The Benefits of Improving Your Home with Fitted Cabinetry and Other Timber Products

Each team member at iwoodcreate has been working with timber for many years. When you think about it, woodworking has been an essential part of our existence for millennia. From the first crudely built shelters to the stunning timber-framed constructs of the modern age, wood is a building material we’d struggle to survive without. It offers protection and warmth but, not only that, it is the very core of our trade. Our bespoke carpenters create the most stunning fitted cabinetry using this natural material.

As listed building carpenters – and as our testimonials will prove – we are also widely regarded throughout Guildford and the surrounding areas we cover for our bespoke furniture creations, carpentry services, and woodturning techniques.

The Importance of Timber Materials

Whether for major construction works or interior design ideas, timber is essential to the building process. Regardless of the type of wood used, i.e. hardwood or softwood, our bespoke carpenters at iwoodcreate can produce the most amazing creations. Besides looking good, however, they will also prove to be immensely durable and adaptable. 

Timber offers the following construction benefits:

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Structural Stability

  • Sustainability

  • Thermal Insulation

The number of listed buildings in the UK and worldwide proves timber’s strength in construction. Rather than demolishing these properties due to their structural failings, our listed building carpenters can help maintain them for the benefit of future generations.

Our clients can also reap the many rewards timber offers within their homes, particularly in our range of fitted cabinetry, furniture and woodturning products. The one factor we’d highlight over all others is wood’s flexibility. For example, with free-standing furniture, you may find a wardrobe, bookcase, or storage unit that doesn’t fit into that particular alcove you’ve bought it for. With bespoke furniture, on the other hand, the piece designed and created specifically for the space will fit perfectly.

When we have completed an item of furniture, we’ll deliver and install it as well. This allows us to complete minor on-site adjustments should they be required at the last minute.

For our Guildford clients who favour open-plan living, timber is ideal for absorbing surround sound so you won’t hear an echo. This is an ideal solution for homeowners with vaulted ceilings and oversized rooms.

An excellent material for anyone who favours sustainable living and maintaining a healthy carbon footprint, our bespoke carpenters at iwoodcreate can also source timbers local to you, and our fitted cabinetry can be recycled.

If you’re looking for bespoke furniture – or woodturning items – that not only look good but serves a variety of purposes and will last considerably longer than store-bought products, then call our team today. As bespoke and listed building carpenters, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to produce exactly what you’re looking for.

For bespoke furniture design and creation for clients in Guildford and the surrounding areas, please call iwoodcreate on 07585 441274 today.