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Bespoke Furniture in Guildford and the Surrounding South London Areas | Unique Furniture Installations by Skilled Carpenters

At iwoodcreate, our highly experienced bespoke carpenters are accomplished at making all types of bespoke furniture. Our team carefully considers all aspects of the furniture design to ensure the unique pieces we produce are optimised for comfort, style and functionality. We only use the highest quality materials and finish all products to absolute perfection. This is especially evident in our work on listed buildings in Guildford and the wider South London areas we cover. 

Please view our website gallery for images of the work we carry out for our growing number of domestic and commercial clients.

Furniture Creation Process

We begin work on our bespoke creations by meeting with you to discuss what type of furniture you want. Once we have ascertained the style, dimensions, and location, we’ll advise you on the best timbers for the project. 

Our experts will then create a 3D model using bespoke software so you can see what the finished product will look like and envision it in your Guildford home or premises. We will then carefully craft the furniture in our dedicated workshop using the best materials for the product’s function and aesthetic value. 

iwoodcreate will provide all the hardware for the furniture created, including handles, hinges, locks, and other required components. We can also install soft-close mechanisms and any other required specialist elements.

Once completed, we’ll apply the right finish for the furniture to ensure it is smooth, attractive, and ready for purpose. We will also deliver and install furniture to your property so you can begin using it as soon as it is ready.

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Bespoke Furniture Products

Our bespoke carpenters at iwoodcreate craft a wide range of bespoke furniture products to fulfil each of our Guildford clients’ unique requirements. A few of the high-quality products we create include:

  • Bathroom Units

  • Book Cases

  • Coffee Tables

  • Console Tables

  • Dining Chairs

  • Dining Tables

  • Display Cabinets

  • Fitted Wardrobes

  • TV and Media Units

  • Woodturning Products

Our unique designs allow you to maximise storage space and functionality. But that’s not all. Bespoke furniture is more than impressive; it’s a creation of art. And what better way to enjoy nature’s artwork than having a one-off piece inspired by your vision and created by our bespoke carpenters?

The furniture designed and created by our team at iwoodcreate is available in a range of styles, colours, textures, and scales. We take great care to ensure our creations are perfect for each client, and we’re more than happy to make your concept a reality.

For a wide range of bespoke furniture crafted by our experts for clients in Guildford and the surrounding areas, call iwoodcreate on 07585 441274 today.