Welcome! I am a cabinet maker and wood turner. I design and make bespoke furniture and wood turnings to commission, and for sale in galleries and exhibitions. 2015 has been an exciting year with the launch of my new website...


Humbug Table


To work with clients to their ideas into something beautiful, of high quality and delivery on time. This is where you can have free standing, fitted furniture and even more.

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Working alongside Interior designers, architects and main contractors who value design and manufacturing expertise. Along with flexible, trustworthy and of course ultimately the high quality of the work.

Bark Bowl

Wood turning

Using traditional skills and techniques, Matthew turns each piece of wood into something unique, including natural-edged bowls, lamp bases, candle stands and even more. Matthew’s work takes advantage of on timber’s characteristic colours, ensuring no two pieces are the same



iwoodcreate was created by Matthew Corbishley who is a young craftsman that has specialized in bespoke cabinet making and wood turning. Operating from premises in South East London where he delivers projects throughout Britain and internationally.

He works with designers, architects and private clients so he understands just how important it is to foster a collaborative approach that is based on clear communication and creative problem solving.



Founder and maker Matthew Corbishley is a graduate of Britain’s prestigious Building Crafts College founded by The Worship Company of Carpenters. He has also managed a variety of projects and has combined experience that led him to set up a company that offers clients a genuinely bespoke cabinet making and wood turning service, incorporating good design and project management with traditional skills of high end cabinet making and wood turning.

Matthew’s background is drawing, computers and woodwork which drove him to create work that captures the imagination and accomplishes its function. He uses materials of the highest quality which he makes unique pieces to the most demanding of standards. His designs are traditionally built furniture and turnings that are contemporary with a sharp, strong design with an eye for detail.


Why choose bespoke?


There are many reasons why people choose bespoke cabinetry and wood turning over modular or designer product ranges. With a bespoke service every project is unique and the starting point is always the client’s brief. (For an example bespoke suit, it is made-to-measure using compromise quality, craftsmanship or fit.)

Design is at the heart of everything, he will discuss the overall concept and address the client’s requirements as the project evolves in a consultative and mutually rewarding design process. The approach gives his clients the flexibility and freedom to know that any detail or finishing, no matter the size or complexity, can be customized to meet their expectations.

High end off-the-peg brands can only deliver up to a point, there may be a selection of materials on off and a range of wood finishes or drawer configurations to choose from but ultimately, your options will be tied to the limitations of a pre-existing template from a catalogue.

A genuinely bespoke project is different, every line is considered; every method of construction, every fixture and fitting is there by design. Whether a client needs custom storage, wood turnings or furniture, a bespoke service by iwoodcreate will deliver a project that has been designed and manufactured to meet those exacting requirements.

How to Commission Bespoke Furniture

Mainly, my job is to work with clients to turn their ideas into something beautiful, of high quality and delivered on time. During the commissioning process I aim to communicate clearly and give frequent progress updates, therefore providing a design and make service exactly as a client has hoped for and expected.

The idea

If you have a project in mind you are welcome to enquire by email or by visiting the workshop.

However, in order to fully understand your requirements I suggest we arrange a meeting. We can then explore ideas and discuss practical issues such as location, materials, timescale and budget. This will be without fee or obligation.

The design stages

1.  I will create a design brief with you as a starting point for making initial sketches and gathering material samples. These will help highlight the design elements you feel are important and may present surprising ideas.

2.  From this information, sketches are evolved into solutions which I will present to you in the form of drawings or 3-D models.

3.  Once you are happy with a solution and material choice I will draw up the final design, costing and timescale for you to approve and to sign off.


On receipt of the deposit (50% of the agreed price) I will begin the careful selection of materials and assign workshop time.

At any point during the making process you are very welcome to visit the workshop and see your commission being built.

Workshop visits:

You are welcome to visit the workshop by arrangement whilst the piece is being made. You will be able to see first-hand the great care and craftsmanship that goes into the making of your furniture, and some details, which may be hidden within the finished piece.




I offer a range of wood turning and basic furniture courses suitable for all abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner, have a small store of woodworking experience, or a strong foundation- perhaps even aspiring to a career in woodwork. You will find a warm welcome at my workshop which is based in Cockpit Arts, Deptford, London near Meantime Cutty Sark Greenwich.

My ethos is learning by making. Beginner’s courses are aimed at helping you to master core techniques and skills by making a beautiful object that you will be proud to take home at the end of your course. If you return to undertake more course at any stage I provide structured training that helps you steadily extend your skills and portfolio of work so that you can clearly see and measure your progress.



Woodturning is a form of woodwork that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. Woodturning differs from most other forms of woodworking in that the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it. Many difficult shapes and designs can be made by turning wood.

Now health and safety is very important within my workshop and PPE must be used with any machinery under supervision. Loose clothing should not be worn, all jewellery should be removed, and long hair should be tied back. There will safety goggles, ear defenders and a mask available with every course.

All materials are included in course fees. However, should you wish to use woods such as exotics, these will incur an additional charge. A £60 non-refundable deposit is required. If none of the courses outline below are quite what you are looking for, please feel free to contact Matthew to discuss your particular requirements.


Woodturning Beginner

This course covers sharpening, some spindle work, faceplate and chuck work, sanding and finishing. You will use tools such as the roughing gouge, a parting tool, skew, bowl gouge, many more. This course is a one to one tuition.

You can expect to make items such as candle stand, a small bowl and a toadstool. Fair advice can be given to those wishing to purchase equipment, tools and timber.

All materials are included in the course fee.

Price:  £200 (Two Day course)


Beginner and Beyond

This is a great course for someone who is inspired within wood turning and understands the basic and principles and who wish to explore further. This course offers you the basic bowl, spindle, colouring, burning and texturing. Study shapes, forms and where to look for inspiration. This course is a one to one tuition.

You are welcome to bring you own tools and will be given advice on any tools, especially ones that you might be having problems with. The tools I mainly use when turning are Robert Sorby which provides me accurate cuts each time but there are many other chisels.

All materials are included in the course fee.

Price: £200 (Two Day course)



Furniture Course




Learn how to make a jewellery box to your choices. These boxes are originally designed to test the aptitude and skill-level of potential employees or clients. This tradition still exists today- I made a box like this when I began furniture making. Creating the box involves a wide range of techniques and processes that are all essential to fine furniture making. For example wood selection, material planning and preparation, creating dovetail joints, plus preparation of wood finishes.

I teach the course myself and mainly do one to one tuition.

You may bring your own tools with you and materials if you wish.

At the end of this course you will have gained the knowledge, experience and confidence to select wood, plan and prepare materials, mark and cut dovetail joints and to complete the wood finishing.

You will also take home your own beautiful hand-made box created from oak, ash or cherry. This course is aimed for anyone who is interested in woodwork.

This course you will learn:

  • Handling, tuning and sharpening of hand planes
  • Handling, using and sharpening chisels
  • Knowing how to use tenon, crosscut and copping saw
  • Knowing how to measure “flat, square and straight” to fine furniture standard (i.e. to a precision of less than 1mm)
  • Knowing how to measure and cut joints.
  • How to make your own jewellery box and finishes.

Price: £400


Coffee Table


This course is aimed for people who would like to understand the making of furniture or even take it up as a career. I offer a professional standard of furniture making throughout the course.

This course you will be able to understand:

  • How to use machinery safely (with supervision)
  • How to use hand power tools safely (with supervision)
  • Handling, tuning and sharpening hand planes
  • Handling, using and sharpening chisels
  • Knowing how to use hand saws
  • Knowing how to measure “flat, square and straight” to fine furniture standard.
  • Knowing how to measure and cut joints.
  • Sanding and finishes.
  • Making your own furniture.

At the end of the course you will have a beautiful coffee table which you can take home and enjoy with friends or family.

Please contact Matthew if you’re interested in the course so he can arrange what type of materials (timber) you would like.

Course starts at £600  (depends on size of table and timber choice)

Option 1

Traditional Oak Mortise and Tenon Joints

Option 2     Traditionally built with a modern twist      
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Option 2

Traditionally built with a modern twist


Restore your own hand plane

This course is aimed for people who are keen to restore their own hand plane or any other tool they have in mind. I offer a professional standard for restoring your own tool and at the end you’ll understand the secrets of maintaining them from rust.

This course you will be able to understand:

·       How to restore you own plane or other tool

·       How to flatten the bottom of the plane and square it up

·       How to sharpen the blade (Handling, using and sharpening)

·       How to polish the blade and keep it from rush

·       Finishes on the tooling

·       How to maintain your tool from rust

At the end you should have the knowledge on how to maintain your own tool and go home with a restored piece of history.

Please send a picture of the tool you would like to restore.

Price: £100 per person (maximum 2 people)


“Thank you so much, we are all very pleased with the service and effect you put into this memorable piece. We are delighted with the Mace and Display Box, the high quality of craftsmanship which went into these pieces are unique and the history behind the timber makes it even more important to us, once again Thank you”

Mr James North, Swordbearer and Senior Programme Manger to Rt.Hon. The Lord Mayor at City of London


“We are delighted with the stunning work of the highest quality produced by Matthew Corbishley, Including stunning shelves for our bedrooms.

We cannot recommend him enough, from the creative design concepts though to the beautiful finished pieces. Their attention to detail and professional service is first class.”

Mr David Parry-Williams, Kensington, London


“Thank you for the fantastic chopping board and a highly efficient service”

Peter & Elena, Blackheath, London


“We are highly delighted with the final result- our staircase is fitted and spindles are fixed- the wood turning spindles look amazing. We look forward to our continuing enjoyment and appreciation of the facilities over the coming years”

John & Mary Williamson, London


"Thank you for the beautiful candle stand and resourceful service"

The Revd Canon Stephen Evans, MA, MPhil,

Rector of St. Marylebone, St. Marylebone Parish Church, London


“The Velodrome Table looks fantastic and fits within our office also thank you for all your help throughout the project and hope to work with you in the future”

Hannah Lambert, Olympic Park Legacy Company 2012


"Thank you Matt for my first lesson in wood turning. I really enjoyed learning about the tools and using the lathe correctly, this skill will help me within my last year of my course. Matt is a down to earth guy who explains and shows you the correct way in using the tools safely and shows his passion within the course. I could understand why he is passionate about woodwork and hope to bring his knowledge back with me for my last year, other than a great course, I have made a great friend with the woodwork industry. I highly recommend him for other. I cannot thank him enough and I hope to do another course soon, might even try the furniture courses.”

Carl Harrison - Product & Furniture Design BA (Hons) Student


November 2006 to 2007

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award


March 2006 to December 2007

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award


July 2010

Bursary Award – The Worshipful Company of Carpenters/ The Building Crafts College


July 2012

The Turners’ Award Winner – The Building Crafts College


March 2013

Bursary Award Winner - The Worshipful Company of Turners


August 2013

The Cockpit Arts Turners’ Award Supported by The Worshipful Company of Turners


April to September 2013

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award



Nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award International Award



Nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award International Award